Drag Event: First Test

Question: Can a student drag and drop items on to a page to create a layout?

In order to make the system as usable as possible features like drag and drop placement are important. It means the student is only focusing on presenting their work and not battling with a system.

Answer: Yes they can..

Creating the drag able event using a very simple layout of a div that is shaped to be a red circle housed within one dive. A very simple click and drag from one to the other and back again.

This effect can be used in the example model for the pitch with a bit of fleshing out.

Drag Event: Second Test

Question: Is it possible to allow for a flexible placement?

In this test I wanted to see if you could create a grid system that would allow for a more creative type of placement.

The idea behind this is that the student would be able to drag and drop media onto the layout page and create any type of layout they wanted. They could shift and move the items around and really explore the possibilities of placement and design.

Answer: Yes. But.

The solution is impractical. Or at least the one I came up with is. I created a grid using the same coding as before only this time I reduced the size of the area to 20px x 20px so I could have many options for placement. In order to illustrate this I set the grid at 18 x 18 with a 1px border.

The problem is that you would have to have 100s of these little grids on a page. And that's not really a solution to a problem just a whole host of small problems ganging up on you.

If I knew more about JavaScript there might be a solution in terms of plotting points along an X/Y axis and allowing movement that way. This is something look at in terms of the show but for the pitch I need to come up with a more functional solution.