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Qorsan Alsalhie & Mr.Dr3awe



Qorsan Alsalhie & Mr.Dr3awe facebookHacked By Mr.Dr3awe & Qorsan Alsalhie

Hacked by Mr.Dr3awe

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تم أختراق الموقع لأيصال رسالتنا لكل أنحاء العالم

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. Your Website Hacked In order to deliver a message..
In Syria death toll so far 250 000 people who are not animals are human beings
There are now 40,000 people trapped in an area called Madaya slowly dying of hunger

Where is the international community of this ?????

In Palestine the Zionist occupation kills Palestinian population under the pretext of trying to appeal ..
There is no longer a humanitarian :( ..

Where the world of Bashar al-Assad to punish gang ??

Where the world to punish Israel??


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